In 2008, the Laughing Skull Comedy Festival was created by Laughing Skull Lounge founder & Dudeman in charge, Marshall Chiles. Since its inception, the primary focus of the festival has been to showcase up-and-coming comedians and provide them with unique access to leading industry professionals. 


For the first 8 years, the Laughing Skull Comedy Festival was formatted as a competition. Pitting comedians against one another in tournament style shows until a winner was crowned. However, in an effort to further provide comedians with a first-class experience, the festival is now exclusively a showcase and is no longer a competition. This format allows comedians to perform on sold out shows for the attending industry without the threat of "not moving on," or feeling like their festival could be over if they are no longer in the hunt for a prize. The showcase format also helps festival organizers strategically place comedians on various shows throughout the city, instead of comics potentially getting stuck at one venue because that's just how the competition worked out. Translation: it's better.


The Laughing Skull Comedy Festival is also known for throwing epic after-parties! Following each night of shows, comedians and industry professionals attend the same parties so that they can eat, drink, meet, talk, exchange contact information, and trade dance moves.


The Laughing Skull Comedy Festival is run by a small team of individuals who work tirelessly to put on the best possible festival. Industry Professionals return to the Laughing Skull Comedy Festival year after year because we repeatedly find and showcase the next round of up-and-coming talent of stand-up comedians. We hope to see you there.


- The Laughing Skull Team