Submission Rules & Terms

- Comics only need to submit 1 video via a URL link.

- Please make sure videos are a minimum of 3 minutes in length. There is not a maximum length requirement, but the optimum length for a video submission is 5 minutes.

- DO NOT provide a link to a video that needs to be downloaded.

- Please make sure all privacy protections have been turned OFF so that judges may view your video without issue.

- Please ensure your video is unedited so judges can view your full set, not just a collection of audience laughs. 

- The Laughing Skull Lounge is a 21+ venue, therefore your must be 21 years of age OR older to submit to the Festival.

- Videos are judged and scored by a rotating and diverse group of industry professionals. Judges operate off of scoring matrix that includes; Professionalism, Material, Originality, Stage Presence, and an Overall score.

- We DO NOT attempt to censor anyone's material. Say what the F*@k you want - just try and make it a joke.